Di-Spark Ltd were one of the first companies in the UK to utilise EDM wire erosion machining, and we’ve been at the forefront of hi-tech machining excellence ever since. We supply subcontract EDM machining – both wire edm and spark edm. Running alongside our EDM spark erosion, 5 axis machining and mill-turn machining cells, our EDM wire erosion cell operates 24/7 from our purpose-built factory, operating just outside of Portsmouth on The A3M and within a stones throw of Southampton container port and Heathrow/Gatwick airports.

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Di-Spark operate globally, and supply precision EDM wire erosion machining to aerospace, defence and space, producing world-class components via lean manufacturing techniques. We are also signatories to the SC21 supply chain initiative – a key industry initiative to improve competitiveness, quality control and of course safety for aerospace, defence and space projects.

Precision motorsport EDM wire erosion is always high on our agenda, regularly working with formula one teams to produce precision racecar components and often using exotic and hard-to-machine materials. Di-Spark work closely with the Lotus Formula One team alongside machining hardware partners, +GF+ AgieCharmilles, and periodically attend pre-season testing at the Barcelona Catalunya Circuit.

Di-Spark have maintainted strong ties with the medical industry for many years, supplying subcontract EDM services – manufacturing precision medical components using EDM spark & wire erosion machining. Many of the medical instruments you may experience during checkups and hospital visits may well have started life as a billet of material in our delivery bay, before being machined by EDM wire erosion and machined into hi-tech medical components.

The Oil, Gas, Nuclear & Energy Sectors have a reputation for producing some of the most forward thinking technology in the world today, and The Di-Spark Group are at the forefront of supplying the oil & gas, nuclear & energy industries with subcontract EDM machining services, manufacturing EDM wire eroded components and assisting towards realising potential, improving safety, exploring deeper and accessing resources which might have previously been too expensive to consider tapping into.

The Scientific industry is an important industry to us. Di-Spark Group use wire erosion to machine precision components for satellite, space and nuclear projects. With science requiring the cutting edge of machining technology, Di-Spark Ltd are one of the most experienced and well place companies to handle the responsibility of supplying precision machined components which, once launched, have very little or no opportunity to maintenance or service.

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Di-Spark Ltd Operate 24/7 subcontact EDM Machining

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