Mult-Task CNC Mill-Turn – AS9100 Automated Milling & Turning

CNC Automated Mill-Turn

CNC Mill-Turn Certified to AS9100D, ISO9001 and SC21

Aerospace CNC Milling & Turning

Multi-tasking, Multi-Operation Milling & Turning, Certified to Aerospace AS9100D.

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CNC Mill Turn Machining

We believe that we must constantly familiarise ourselves with the high performance equipment that is available in the marketplace and to make best use of those machine tools that can produce complicated parts in fewer set-ups.

Di-Spark cannot compete with the emerging industrial nations in the production of volume commodity low added value components. We can certainly compete in manufacturing complex components in exotic materials by applying the principles of one-hit machining.

Our turning division can provide customer service through quick response, timely deliveries, quality control with full certification at a competitive price by employing highly skilled and motivated staff, using the latest state-of-art machinery, all sited in a much smaller workspace than would be required for ‘old style’ conventional machining methods.

‘The people at Di-Spark work very closely with you. They are always there to give advice when something needs to be changed to reduce costs’ –

Oil & Gas Industry Professional