SC21 Standards For Aerospace, Defence & Space



Di-Spark Ltd: A World-Class SC21 Machining Company

5 Axis Machining, Multi Axis Machining wire EDM & Spark Erosion for Aerospace, Defence and SC21

The ‘Di-Spark – World Class Machining’ quality management system is certified to AS9100 and ISO 9001. We are an Investor In People accredited organisation and a signatory to the supply chain improvement programme SC21. Any EDM, Mill-Turn, 5 axis machining or other multi-axis machined component that leaves our factory will have been subject to processes, quality control and inspection which adheres to SC21 standards. SC21 is a ‘change programme’ designed to improve and advance the conditions within the competitive arena of the aerospace & defence industry by enhancing the performance of supply chains. International competition and economic conditions, combined with unique challenges presented by the defence and aerospace industry, demand proactive development of the effectiveness of supply chains within this arena, whilst remaining competitive and profitable.

  • Simmered down to basics, SC21 addresses:
  • Disconnection and fragmentation within the supply base
  • Fragmented or non existent process standards
  • Duplication and wastage, such as within metrics and auditing
  • Poor business relationships and misaligned interests and/or goals between parties

SC21 focuses on:

  • Standards and standardisation
  • Removal of Wastage
  • Modernisation of business practices and relationships
  • Development of communication and collaboration
  • Improved efficiency
  • Introduced Simplicity
  • The encouragement of positive innovation
  • What does SC21 mean to Di-Spark and it’s partners?

Firstly, being an SC21 signatory means that Di-Spark are accountable and committed to quality control at a very high level for all our EDM machining and multi axis machining output. Along with our AS9100, ISO 9001 and Investor In People accreditation, SC21 assists us towards efficient supply via standards which were non-existent in the non-too distant past, and means collaboration between partners in terms of quality control and deliverance, the removal of unnecessary red tape and duplication which only serve to hinder the supply chain. Lastly it means the use of common and standardised metrics for KPIs.

The benefits of committing to SC21 are numerous. It often translates that Di-Spark are first choice for our partners’ EDM, Precision Mill-Turn and 5 Axis machining requirements. To Di-Spark this means on-time delivery, responsible management and world class supply chain performance for our customers. We remain flexible, coordinated and organic with our resources and encourage feedback on both performance and relationship indicators.

The SC21 process has assisted the Di-Spark strategically within a constantly evolving global arena within the Defence and Aerospace machining sectors. From the development capability of our New Product Cell, full production implementation within our Production Cell, our EDM Cells, to our ever expanding 5 axis milling capability – all on 24/7 automated and remotely monitored operation. Technological advances in the Multi axis machining and Mill-turn capabilities in recent years have brought these technologies to the forefront of most SC21, Defence and Aerospace machining requirements, achieving precision machined components via a slick, automated and remotely monitored 24/7 operation.

Our EDM Wire Erosion machining and EDM Spark Erosion Machining combined with our improved supply chain and specialist partners round off what is, an outstanding World-Class Machining experience.

‘We are impressed with the constant investment at Di-Spark, recent development of their large machining cell and the resulting manufacturing excellence’ –

Senior Formula 1 Motorsport Engineer