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Large & Heavy Component Manufacture Using Large 5 Axis Machining Centres

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CNC Heavy & Large Part Machining

Here at Di-Spark, our large machining division utilises the latest large-component manufacturing technology. Working alongside partners at +GF+ AgieCharmilles, we use Mikron HPM 1350U high performance milling centres for processes ranging from heavy rough machining to precise finish machining.

With high levels of precision, our large milling capability manufactures world-class, high quality parts and components. Economical set-up times and multi-tasking capability produce precise-components and sub-assemblies, perfect for sub-contract AS9100(c) lean-manufacturing.

Combining electrical discharge machining with large part machining is often preferable, harnessing the benefits of both disciplines to achieve a leaner schedule by using the precision profiling benefits of EDM finished with a Mikron HPM 1350U large milling machine.

We work closely with partners and customers to re-engineer manufacturing processes in order to reduce machining operations and optimise manufacturing to a leaner, more cost-effective outcome.

‘We are impressed with the constant investment at Di-Spark, recent development of their large machining cell and the resulting manufacturing excellence’ –

Senior Formula 1 Motorsport Engineer