Wire Cut Electrical Discharge Machining (Wire EDM): Wire Erosion Machining Services

AS9100 Wire EDM Machining Services

Dedicated Wire EDM Services - wire electrical discharge machining cell operating 24 hrs per day, 7 days per week. Di-Spark's wire EDM service is certified to AS9100 Revision D and ISO9001: 2008. We are signatories to the SC21 supply chain improvement program for aerospace wire EDM machined components.

AS9100D. Wire Erosion Machining

Aerospace Wire Erosion Machining certified to AS9100 Revision D. Running around the clock, Di-Spark's wire erosion machining service benefits from over 40 years experience in electrical discharge machining. Wire erosion machining takes off where traditional machining methods become challenging, and 21st century manufacturing methods are required.

Clean-Cut Wire Cut EDM Machining

Di-Spark offer 'clean-cut' wire cut machining services, 24/7. Our highly certified wire cut machining service utilise the latest, automated wire cut machining centres,. sporting contemporary clean-cut wire cut machining innovations, appliying clean power generation and resulting in ultra high tolerance machining and superb surface finish

wire electrical discharge machining service
Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Services

Wire electrical discharge machining services, running around-the-clock. Di-Spark operate automated wire electrical discharge machining services, certified to AS9100 and ISO9001: 2008. We are an SC21 company with vast supply chain management experience.

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Wire Cut  – Wire Erosion (Wire EDM) Machining

Wire cut  (wire erosion EDM Machining): Wire EDM Customers are demanding more from their supply-chain partners than ever before. Innovative machining technologies such as wire cut – also know as wire erosion or wire EDM, become ever more in demand, especially as wire cut machining automation and accuracy improves to new levels of performance.

21st Century Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Services

The uses for wire electrical discharge machining have expanded – as wire erosion as a machining technology has improved, and high volume wire EDM machining has increased it’s capabilities. Across industries as diverse as aerospace, automotive, Oil & Gas, medical, telecommunications and defence, the search is on for lighter, stronger and more durable components. Not to mention the demand for intricate and complex shapes cut from new and difficult-to-work materials, without compromising on quality, lead time or cost.

wire cut machining - also know as wire edm machining or wire erosion machining, is perfect for cutting delicate components such as satellite parts

Satellite parts manufactured by Di-Spark are often of a thin-walled design, using lightweight, exotic materials. Wire electrical discharge machining is the perfect machining technology for cutting delicate components.

It’s little wonder that traditional machining processes – in certain circumstances struggle to meet the task. As material technologies develop, new and improved materials and alloys become difficult-to-machine using traditional methods, particularly when machining thin-walled components, tiny holes or apertures, pre-hardened part machined components or mechanical sub-assemblies sporting complex internal machining. Little wonder, too, that more and more engineering companies are turning to wire EDM as a reliable, inherently versatile technology that allows them to push back the frontiers of performance.

Our Wire EDM division can offer a vast machining capacity with over 1000 hours available each week, from 24 hour, 7 days per week running of our wire cut machining service. Wire Erosion can handle any type of work from high volume to small batch and one-off requirements.

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‘We use wire cut (wire EDM) because we could not machine the parts using alternative technology due to the intricate features and tight dimensional tolerances’

Technical Buyer, Motorsport