Aerospace 5 Axis Machining Certified to AS9100D

24/7 - Automated 5 Axis Machining

Around the clock 5 axis machining, milling and turning, certified to AS9100 revision D.

AS9100D Aerospace 5 Axis Machining

Running around the clock and operating the latest multi-axis machining innovations...

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Aerospace AS9100 Certified 5 Axis Milling & Turning

It’s true – sometimes you can have the best of both worlds.

The Di-Spark Group’s milling division combines the best elements of wire EDM with modern 5-axis & multi-axis machining/milling technology. Working alongside our partners, we can deliver from the very outset the most practical and cost-effective multi axis manufacturing solution to take a component from concept through to completion.

For example, on some complex prismatic components made from exotic material it may be more productive to use EDM as a precision profiling operation, and then finish the part using 5-axis machining & milling.

Combining tradition and innovation in this way opens up many exciting possibilities. We are able to completely re-engineer your manufacturing process, drastically reducing the number of machining operations and offering huge savings in lead times and cost.

‘Our engineers did not believe that Di-Spark were able to ‘multi axis machine’ from solid components that had previously been produced as machined castings’ –

Senior Aerospace Production Engineer