World Class Precision Machined Components & Lean Manufacturing

We live in an era of impressive engineering achievements and seemingly fantastical scientific breakthroughs which are wide ranging and frequent. Many of these projects require precision machined components which are manufactured to world-class quality standards – such as AS9100 revision C, ISO 9001 & SC21, often machined from exotic or highly treated materials and required within short lead times – without compromise to quality. precision-machined-components titleWithin this equation, quality standards are constantly evolving into new ground – even as we speak and it is important for high-technology engineering suppliers to stay abreast of, and indeed to become part of the quest into new quality achievement levels and new innovative engineering breakthroughs. However, it is also paramount to account for market conditions and factors such as the current global austerity and be mindful that NASA Apollo-style mission budgets are in the history books. It is therefore essential that all engineering sub-contractors subscribe to a lean-manufacturing philosophy as an intrinsic factor of everyday operations and implement lean manufacturing principles within work-flow .

wire cut edm

Multi Operation Machining, CNC & Automated Robotic Tool change Capability

The latest innovations in machining technology incorporate high levels of automation, excellent reliability (minimising downtime), quick set up times and 24 hour operation, operated by true, experienced professionals. Exotic materials and chemically/heat hardened materials can be handled with advanced 5 axis machining and for more intricate work, electrical discharge machining in terms of wire EDM and spark EDM derivatives. For larger components, large 5 axis machining comes into play and for high-volume aerospace spinning and turning, automated mill-turn with multi-tasking capability takes up the gauntlet.

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