Formula One Machining

Formula One Machining: Di-Spark Ltd

Professional Motor-sport & Formula One racing often push machined components close to failure and work them to fine, minimal tolerances. Formula One machining of highly-stressed components is therefore a somewhat specialist arena where quality and integrity must be guaranteed in order that a given component, part or sub-assembly is capable of surviving the distance of a race – preferably with some contingency remaining when the race has expired. Di-Spark Ltd, working to aerospace standards and certified to AS9100 revision C take this responsibility very seriously, and maintain all of the processes and measures in place to meet this challenge.

Quick Response Formula One Machining

Di-Spark Ltd supply Formula One machining, top-end motorsport component manufacture & machined sub-assemblies suitable for endurance racing & highly stressed sporting environments. But our manufacturing philosophy goes much further than this. Di-Spark place customer satisfaction as top priority, and working for professional motorsport & Formula 1 teams demands a well-versed provision of quick response machining – a world class, professional service capable of handling quick response turn-around of high precision Formula One machining.

Rapid Response Formula One Machining

  • Receiving & initiating a fresh rapid response Formula One machining request, Di-Spark immediately open communication channels with the customer & approach supply chains in order to determine the component specification, secure materials ready for manufacture & ensure that bottlenecks in the supply chain are mitigated and delays do not materialise.
  • Concurrently our CAD/CAM team will be liaising directly with the customer – with the aim of producing an accurate 3d CAD model via the STEP file supplied by the customer.
  • Dimensional accuracy is checked, production control is implemented, machining operations are established and the component begins it’s journey through our rapid response machining cell.
  • Quality is monitored throughout the process, via our AS9100c QMS and the component received multiple inspection operations using the latest inspection innovations.
  • The Formula 1 components (or other professional motor-sporting team endeavours) are delivered on-time to the customer, via the rapid response machining process.