Specialists in the field of EDM Manufacturing, Di-Spark manufacture high volume – high specification washers using the innovative combination of spark electrical discharge machining (also known as spark edm or die sink) and wire electrical discharge machining (also known as wire edm or wire cut). Wire EDM looks after 2 dimensional machining duties, whilst spark EDM looks after 3 dimensional electrical discharge machining.

We also manufacture high volume, standard specification washers for scenarios where tolerances are lower.

Washers can be manufactured from hard or hardened materials, exotic alloys, space age conductive materials, heat resistant and high pressure resistant materials, or indeed, standard materials.

High Volume – High specification Washers in Industry

Often destined for use within extreme environments such as oil, gas, subsea, high spec aerospace & automotive mechanical assemblies, satellite manufacture & defence engineering, Di-Spark’s high volume – high specification washers are manufactured to world-class quality management standards. Operating around the clock, 7 days per week, and with rapid response capability for a streamlined turn around, Di-spark are a smart choice for high quality, volume parts, components and sub-assemblies.

High Volume – Low Specification Washers in Industry

In some cases the specification of the washer is standard trim, with the main criteria being cost and volume. These washers may be manufactured to reside in less-mission critical mechanical assemblies, off-the-shelf parts replacement, low wear environments or used within consumer level equipment.

high volume - high specification washers

Wire eroded washers often sport internal profiling and unique shaping for specific applications

Washers with Internal or External Splines

Wire electrical discharge machining is perfect for high volume 2 dimensional machining, such as washers requiring external splines, internal splines, complex profiling or holes.The current, clean-cut wire electrical discharge machining centres that Di-Spark operate produce a fine finish, machine to very close tolerances and are automated 24/7. Operating within AS9100c quality management standards and observing lean-manufacturing principles, Di-Spark are able to offer a cost effective washer manufacturing solution to customers.

Spark EDM is often used for the machining of 3 dimensional electrical discharge machining requirements, such as the machining of grooves & detents.

clean cut EDM

High Volume Machining of Washers & shims at Di-Spark

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