When we hear the phrase ‘high volume precision machining’, the mind often references processes such as automated milling and turning, 5 axis machining or laser cutting. However, there is another machining process which can offer significant cost savings over any of these options. Wire Electrical Discharge Machining – or wire cut/wire erosion, as it is also known. Offering high tolerance, fine finish machining, wire cut machining is the leanest high volume precision machining process in terms of manufacturing costs.

high volume precision machining

Di-Spark Ltd supply high volume precision machining, including wire cut EDM (electrical discharge machining)

High Volume Precision Machining with Wire Cut

Perfect for the machining of high quality, high volume parts such as washers, shims, internal splines, external splines and complex internal profiling, wire cut machining is a smart-choice machining process for maintaining high component quality and low costs. The high quality finish of wire cut machining is due to the nature of the cutting edge. Wire cut machining uses an electrical charge passed through the wire to generate a spark, eroding the material, which is submerged in dielectric fluid. The non-contact nature of this high volume precision machining processes ensures high tolerances, superb accuracy and fine finish.

wire electrical discharge machining service

Detailed internal profiling is one of the strengths of wire cut machining

High Volume Precision Machining of Hardened Steels & Alloys

Wire Cut EDM is masterful at machining parts from hardened materials or difficult-to-machine alloys such as Titanium and Tungsten. High volume production of parts manufactured from hard materials can prove long-winded with traditional machining such as 5 axis machining. Wire Cut EDM can not only handle these materials with ease, but is also more the capable of machining multiple parts in a single op.

wire cut edm

Multiple parts can be machined with a single op using wire cut EDM

wire edm components

Wire EDM machining palette loaded with components for internal machining of holes and apertures to fine tolerances.

High Volume Precision Machining of Thin Walled Parts

Delicate parts, components and sub-assemblies can sustain damage from over-use of milling/turning – even using the latest 5 axis machining innovations such as the Agie Charmilles. The non-contact nature of wire cut EDM ensures that delicate parts and thin-walled components are machined accurately, to fine tolerances and to a high quality of finish.

just in time electrical discharge machining

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