High Volume Manufacturing: Wire Eroded Components

Di-Spark Ltd supply high volume wire electrical discharge machining. One of the most typical types of component we manufacture is the faithful washer. Wire eroded washers are often manufactured to high specification for oil & gas companies – including North Sea oil & gas machining contracts, aerospace, automotive, Formula 1 and satellite manufacture. Wire eroded washes can be simple fair or complex in geometry – often sporting internal or external splines, specific profile shaping, or with holes and apertures within shaped profile.

wire eroded washers

Wire eroded washers often sport internal profiling and unique shaping for specific applications

Wire Eroded Washers – High Spec Washers Manufactured using Wire Electrical Discharge Machining

Wire eroded washers are often manufactured from exotic, hardened or chemically treated materials. Materials and alloys such as graphite, stainless steel, tungsten alloys, titanium alloys and aluminium alloys are often used for specific applications. In some circumstances, wire eroded washers receive post-machining coatings. In all cases, all high-volume manufactured components are subject to stringent quality and inspection, ensuring that tolerances are within specification and quality is ultra high. Our AS9100 certification means that our quality management system leaves no room for human error or defect.

wire eroded washers with internal and external profiling

Wire eroded washers can be simple or complex in design – often sporting internal and external profiling, machined to fine tolerances

High volume wire eroded washers can be manufactured by ‘stacking’ layers of material. This presents, in some cases, a huge cost saving for the customer over traditional machining methods. In contrast to stamping, wire cut machining is a precision manufacturing option capable of producing high quality parts machined to fine tolerances.

Customer Satisfaction: Top of the Agena

Di-Spark operate customer satisfaction as top priority. This is the case all the way through our manufacturing operations, from initial CAD model consultation to quality, inspection and final on-time delivery. We also offer just-in-time machining services and rapid response machining services for mission critical sub-contact machining.

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