Di-Spark Integrated World-Class Machining operate spark EDM machining as a component of our multi-process manufacturing service. Di-Spark Operate integrated, multi-process machining, offering significant advantages over single process machining alternatives.

The Correct Machining Process For The Operation – Quality is King

Whilst customer drawings may indicate spark EDM machining as the only required machining process for a given component, it is often the case that Di-Spark can offer improved quality at no extra cost by implementing other processes into the equation, advising and consulting with the customer along the way. Often, wire EDM machining is used as an alternative to spark edm for minor machining ops which are better suited to the wire erosion process. The result is improved quality and often, quicker machining times as spark EDM machining operations are freed up to initiate the machining of the next batch of components.

21st Century Integrated Machining, Adhering to Lean-Manufacturing Principles

It is important to reduce potential costs for the customer wherever possible. Di-Spark work hard to observe lean manufacturing principles whilst maintaining high levels of OTD and Quality. Integrated machining operations help to achieve this by utilising free capacity, speeding up a components path through manufacturing processes and as mentioned above, using the correct machining process for a given operation.

Managing Spark EDM Machining as a Component of Integrated Manufacturing

Di-Spark are meticulous about planning At any given point from our planning office, we can identify a component’s progress on any given machine and predict it’s future. We can also determine and predict any issues which may arise in the future, for each customer, process and machine, enabling us to mitigate the effects of stock issues or other supply chain issues which may negatively affect OTD. Effective planning deals with such issues ahead of time and ensures that OTD stats are maintained to high levels.

spark EDM machining

Spark EDM Machining

Manufacturing components for Oil & Gas, Satellite & Space, Severe Service Valves, Formula 1, Automotive and AS9100D Aerospace, call Di-Spark for your spark EDM machining and Integrated machining requirements.

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