Wire EDM Machining & Multi-Prismatic Components

Wire EDM Machining is an often, underestimated machining process. Routinely misunderstood as a simple band-saw – wire electrical discharge machining – often referred to as wire erosion machining, is much more than a band-saw. The latest automated wire erosion machines offer multi-prismatic machining opportunities when in the hands of an experienced wire EDM machining operator. With ultra-high accuracy and super-fine finish using the latest clean-cut wire-cut machines, wire erosion machining is an ideal machining process for the manufacture of world-class, high quality components.

wire edm machining

Contemporary clean-cut wire EDM machines are fully automated and capable of machining world-class, multi-prismatic components

Wire EDM Machining – The Perfect High Volume Machining Process

Add to this, the ability to machine more than 1 component using the same wire EDM machining operation. By accurately stacking components together onto small jigs and sub-frames it is routinely possible to accurately machine multiple work-pieces, during a single machining op’. This benefit is enhanced in cases of thin-sectioned machining operations, such as the machining of washers, shims, thin internal and external splines and spacers. In these cases it is possible to machine hundreds of high accuracy and high-spec components within a single machining op’.

wire cut edm

High Volume Machining of Splined Washers Destined for the Aerospace Industry

wire eroded washers

Wire eroded washers often sport internal profiling and unique shaping for specific applications

Wire Erosion Machining: Ideal for Machining Difficult-To-Machine Materials

Wire Erosion Machining is ideal for machining materials which have received hardening treatments. This is due to the non-contact nature of this machining method. Such components may have been manufactured to their current stage using 5 axis machining or multi-axis milling and turning operations. With the final operations completed by wire EDM machining AFTER the hardening process has been applied.

Alternatively, some industries and sectors require components manufactured from exotic materials. The aerospace industry favour titanium alloys and the oil & gas industry use hard materials such as Inconel and Tungsten Carbide. All of these hard materials and alloys are handled with the wire erosion machining process, in fact, any conductive material can be machined using wire EDM machining.

Wire Erosion Machining Videos

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