Wire Eroded Components, Parts and Sub-Assemblies

Wire eroded components, parts and sub-assemblies are utilised throughout hi-tech engineering sectors, such as medical & surgical industries, formula 1 and professional motorsport, yachting and marine sectors, energy markets, aerospace, defence, satellite and space vehicle manufacture, pharmaceutical and many more besides.

Due to the non-contact nature of wire erosion (or wire EDM), wire eroded components can be machined to very fine tolerances & very thin material wall thicknesses, both accurately and non-destructively. Even the most advanced multi-axis milling and turning machines have limits to machining thin-walled components and the latest clean-cut wire EDM machines fill the void, producing delicate wire eroded components with perfect material integrity.

Need to machine fine holes, apertures, angles or splines into a component that requires hardening process treatments? Fine. Use our 5 axis machining cell to machine the main integrity of the component, carry out the hardening treatments via heat or chemical processing and then employ the use of wire EDM to finish off the fine, delicate work. This process is most often the cheapest, leanest manufacturing option for many customers requiring 21st century, world-class machining techniques & high quality machined components.

Certified to ISO 9001 and AS9100 Revision C for the manufacture of world class components, wire eroded components are part of a host of service offerings at Di-Spark in addition to: Spark Erosion EDM Machining, 5 axis machining, large 5 axis machining & automated mill-turn.

Wire Erosion EDM Splines

Wire eroded components – Erosion EDM machining internal splines at Di-Spark Ltd Wire erosion is capable of machining awkward internal holes and splines.

just in time electrical discharge machining

Wire eroded components: The machining of thin-walled components at Di-Spark, starting with 5 axis machining of the basic integrity of the component, with subsequent wire erosion of the thin walls, to remove the component from the work-piece. World Class Machining.