Di-Spark manufacture high precision parts & mechanical sub-assemblies

Operating multi-process advanced manufacturing processes, Di-Spark supply sub-con wire EDM parts to industries such as oil & gas prospecting & engineering, high performance automotive engineering, Formula 1 teams and AS9100 aerospace engineering. Some high-technologies routinely manufacture wire EDM parts – the non-contact machining method of wire EDM ensures that hardened, heat treated or exotic materials are machined cleanly, without material distortion which can occur with traditional milling and turning techniques. During the manufacture of wire EDM parts, a wire carries a strong current capable of cutting a clean path through high-strength conductive materials – hence the term, clean-cut wire EDM. Recent improvements in this technology ensures 24/7 automated operation and further improvements to finish, via managed power generators of the Cut 300 Agie wire EDM machining centres.

The excellence of the AgieCharmilles CUT 300 wire EDM centre also resides in the control of operational costs. The potential for using less expensive wires and reduced filtration cost, added to a lower consumption of electricity, make the AgieCharmilles CUT 300 particularly economical machines to run.

In order to control production costs, saving energy has become a priority in many workshops, including Di-Spark. The Econowatt modules manage the electrical power of the machine so as to never waste energy while the machine is running unattended.

wire edm parts internal splines

A set of spanners, destined for Formula 1 – ready for wire erosion of internal splines

Zero Defect Wire EDM Parts

Wire EDM parts and mechanical sub-assemblies are often used within the manufacture of high-spec satellites and space vehicles. Satellites need to be ultra-light in order to maintain a low payload during launch. Using lightweight exotic materials such as titaniums, aerospace alloys and contemporary high tech conductive materials presents it’s challenges. These materials, whilst strong, often distort under excessive machining loads, meaning that the resulting component carries high-defect. This won’t do at all, and so Di-Spark employ the use of electrical discharge machining, spark erosion and wire erosion to achieve a much cleaner, zero-defect part, component or sub-assembly.

wire edm parts for satellite

Satellite parts manufactured by Di-Spark are often of a thin-walled design, using lightweight, exotic materials

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