Based in Hampshire – UK, sub’ con’ supplier of automated multi-process machining technologies, Di-Spark Ltd manufacture wire EDM components using the latest ‘Agie Charmilles’ wire erosion machining centres. Operating around-the-clock – including weekends, the wire erosion machining cell at Di-Spark is fully automated with remote monitoring and fully manned 24 hrs per day. Sitting alongside our spark erosion machining cell, the wire cell is capable of high volume automated manufacturing, producing high quality wire EDM components.

wire edm components

Palette loaded with wire EDM components, ready for internal machining of holes and apertures machined to fine tolerances, using automated Agie Charmilles wire erosion machining centres

Di-Spark supply wire EDM components to high technology – mission critical industries that require ultra high quality machining. A typical such industry is the energy sector, oil & gas industry. With reduced oil revenues in recent years, the drive within the oil & gas industry is to maintain profitability via efficiency. In other words, the requirement is for ultra-high quality wire EDM components, manufactured with minimal waste, within lean-manufacturing and lean-cost principles. Di-Spark achieve this by:

  • Observing lean-manufacturing principles to minimise waste & inefficiency
  • Managing supply chain aspects
  • Ensuring efficiency from the outset: Initially removing any STP file machining inefficiencies, whilst working with the customer to remove potential areas of material & component weakness – before the resulting CAD model is produced
  • Maintaining informed levels of material requirements appropriate to production planning
  • Monitoring all aspects of inventory
  • Ensuring the most efficient manufacturing route for the component, via production control
  • Foreseeing bottlenecks in production or supply chain and mitigating their effects
  • Ensuring that customer satisfaction and on-time delivery are top of the agenda 24/7
wire edm shims and washers with internal or external splines or profiling

Wire EDM components: The perfect machining process for volume production of high quality shims and washers, with external or internal profiling and splines

Contact Di-Spark today for high-volume manufacture of wire EDM components, parts and mechanical sub-assemblies, manufactured to ISO9001:2008 and AS9100 Revision C.