Wire Cut Services Around the Clock

Di-Spark Ltd are a sub-contract machining company supplying automated CNC machining services – such as Wire Cut, Spark Erosion, 5 Axis Milling/Turning and Automated Mill Turn Machining. In focus here is our electrical discharge machining cell –  wire cut services, making good use of the latest power enhancement to wire erosion machining – Clean Cut Power Generation.

wire cut services

Wire Cut Services running at Di-Spark, sporting a dedicated factory unit for Wire Erosion Electrical Discharge Machining. The adjacent factory unit sports our spark erosion electrical discharge machining cell, with multi op capability and robot arm tool change capabilities.

Running around the clock, 7 days per week, Di-Spark ensure that our wire cut services remain at the sharp end of high technology machining, maintained and serviced at regular intervals in order to keep capacity and quality high and timely delivery as a priority, keeping customer satisfaction top of the agenda.

We operate wire cut services within numerous sectors such as aviation, airline component manufacture, defence, security, energy markets, space and satellite manufacture, automotive and components for professional racing teams of varying disciplines.

We maintain certification to high standards, ensuring that our QMS AS9100 revision C is current, for the machining of complex prismatic parts, sub-assembles and components for industries such as aerospace, defence and space. We are signatories to the SC21 aerospace, defence, space and security – supply chain improvement programme. We are certified to ISO9001 and we are an ‘investors in people’ company.

wire cut services 24/7

Wire Cut Services at Di-Spark run 7 days per week, 24 hours per day, using the latest clean-cut wire edm technology to achieve perfect surface finish and high quality prismatic components

Via Our +GF+ AgieCharmilles Clean-Cut Wire-EDM machines, our wire cut services not only deliver pristine surfaces and incredible accuracy but will carry out many cutting tasks without needing to change the set up, ensuring a lean but high quality manufacturing output for the customer.

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