World-Class Wire Cut EDM

wire cut edm

High end industries require high end solutions. In manufacturing terms, wire cut EDM is an innovative machining process which marries perfectly with other, more traditional machining processes. Often used for high tech environments such as Formula 1 and professional motorsport, aerospace and airline manufacturing, precision medical & surgical machining and satellite manufacture, wire cut EDM is a wise choice for high-end lean manufacturing.

Post-Milling Wire Cut EDM

Wire cut EDM machining at Di-Spark is often used as part of multi-process and multi-operation machining activities. Being a non-contact machining process which uses a spark as the cutting edge, wire cut EDM is perfect for work-pieces that have been milled and turned to the point where material thickness is minimal and the final, intricate machining needs to be approached with care. Wire cut can erode material without distorting thin walled component structures and is often the last machining operation before finishing and final inspection.

Wire cut EDM for Internal Galleries

In some cases, prismatic and complex components and sub-assemblies require internal machining to create galleries, internal threads, holes, angular cuts and internal splines. Wire cut EDM to the rescue. Again, as a post milling and turning operation – usually after either 5 axis machining or automated mill-turn operations, wire cut is used as a final operation to create the internal apertures that the component requires.

AS9100 Wire Cut EDM

Di-Spark Ltd manufacture world-class components for world-class industries. We are signatories to the SC21 supply chain initiative, we are AS9100 C and ISO 9001 certified and operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

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