Di-Spark Ltd supply sub-con spark erosion machining, around the clock. We operate dedicated machining cells for spark erosion, wire erosion, 5 axis machining, large 5 axis machining & multi axis milling & turning. In focus today are the AgieCharmilles FORM 2000 spark erosion machines.

sub con spark erosion

Multi-Operation Sub-Con Spark Erosion

Sub-con spark erosion at Di-Spark uses the latest technology. The AgieCharmilles FORM 2000 machines are ultimately flexible – with multi tool changer, robot arm capability and electrode/pallet options for a fully automated multi-operation sub-con spark erosion service. The modular automation system is capable or loading and unloading both work pieces and electrodes.

sub-con spark erosion

High Quality, Cost Effective

IQ technology from AgieCharmilles ensures reliable and accurate spark erosion machining whilst minimising the number of electrodes in use, and using the latest electrode technology – typically copper or graphite for fine finish, combined with iQ ‘pulse algorithms’ which mitigate electrode wear, sub-con spark erosion machining at Di-Spark is the best that money can buy and operates within lean manufacturing principles – the best of both worlds!

Fast & Reliable

Traditionally, sub-con spark erosion machining is, or was a slow machining process. Not so with the Form 200. High material removal rates are achieved with the intelligent interaction of different functions, the ISPG Generator achieves removal rates far above the average of other machines on the market and in all fields of application. FORM 2000 HP systems machine the narrowest slats, pointed-cone cavities or premilled moulds in unbeaten time.

Fine tolerance Sub-Con Spark Erosion Machining – Minimum radii

High-resolution parameters of current and voltage, as well as a high-precision servo with reaction times in the millisecond range allow machining with the smallest inside radii possible and the SF module realises the finest surface qualities in all common tool materials.

Flexible Planning – Designed for Customer Satisfaction

The Vision 5 control system was specially developed, by Agie Charmilles for electrical discharge machining and with its performance enhancing functions ensures optimal utilisation of the capacity of the FORM 2000 HP. Within Di-Spark’s constant strive to review and improve both efficiency and quality for our customers, the Form 2000 is the perfect tool for supplying world-class components & the best sub-con spark erosion service available.

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