Sub-Con SEDM Machining – or Spark Erosion Electrical Discharge Machining as it is most commonly known, is a non-contact, conductive machining method used for the machining of complex internal geometry, minute holes and apertures, prismatic pressure chambers, angular profiles, minutely accurate internal and external curved profiles, detents and pressure heads.

Spark Erosion Electrical Discharge Machining utilises a controlled spark as the cutting edge – working on the component, part or mechanical sub-assembly whilst both electrode and work-piece are sub-merged within dielectric fluid. Almost any conductive material can be machined in this way including alloys, steels and graphite.

Running around-the-clock, 24/7, Di-Spark operate a dedicated sub-con SEDM machining facility, to AS9100c QMS – for the manufacture of aerospace standard parts, components & sub-assemblies.

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sub-con sedm machining

Sub-Con SEDM Machining – High Tech Spark Erosion – CNC Multi Op – Robot Arm Tool Change

Sub-Con SEDM Machining – Oil, Gas & Energy Markets

Perfect for the machining of oil, gas & energy sector components or the manufacture of mechanical sub-assemblies which operate within high pressure environments, spark erosion machining is ideal for work-pieces machined from hardened steels, titanium alloys, inconel alloys, tungsten, magnesium alloys, carbide and other difficult-to-machine materials.

Di-Spark’s sub-con SEDM machining methods avoid potential material distortion which might occur using CNC milling & turning – particular during the manufacture of thin-walled assemblies or components designed with repeating & intricate internal profiling.

sub-con SEDM machining EDM

Sub-Con SEDM Machining – 24/7 Spark Erosion Manufacturing World-Class Components

Spark EDM – Valves, Vacuum pump, Heat Exchange Manufacture

Spark erosion is the smart-choice machining process for the manufacture of high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure components such as valves, vacuum pump components, mechanical sub-assemblies for heat exchangers, reactors, pressure vessels and pumping systems. Uses for these systems are numerous, but typically sub-con SEDM machining is used to manufacture world-class components for power stations, oil & gas exploration/extraction/refining, pharmaceutical components, brewery & beverage systems, medical/surgical, dairy & high pressure hydraulic systems.

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