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Operating 24/7 and supplying customers world-wide, Di-Spark Ltd operate across 40,000 square feet, employing over 40 people. We supply severe service machining services to sectors such as nuclear power, conventional power, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, food processing, hygiene, medical, water management, waste water, agriculture, mining and beverage.

Specialist in electrical discharge machining. Di-Spark operate 2 EDM cells: Spark EDM and Wire EDM. Operating side by side, the two EDM machining processes work in unison, producing world-class components. These two EDM cells also work closely with 3 other machining cells offering 5 axis machining, automated mill-turn machining and multi-axis large machining. We operate an extensive assembly, quality and inspection unit and operate rapid-response services.

Severe Service Machining

Di-Spark supply sub-contact ‘severe service machining’ services to industries such as oil & gas. We use EDM to machine difficult-to-machine materials and intricate profiling, with the benefits of non-destructive machining and lower manufacturing costs

Utilising electrical discharge machining (EDM) to machine hard and corrosion resistant materials such tungsten carbide, hardened steels and exotic alloys, Di-Spark’s severe service machining is world-class with zero defect, with every step of manufacture subject to AS9100 revision Quality Management Systems (QMS).

Perfect for severe service machining, EDM is ideal for intricate profiling of hard materials, such as the machining of severe service control valve trims, anti-cavitation trims, noise reduction valve trims, staged pressure drop valves, hydrodynamic noise reduction valve trims, choke valve components. Typically, the components we make comprise or are part of mechanical sub-assemblies for managing severe service applications, such as:

  • Very high pressure or high pressure drops
  • Very high or very low temperatures
  • Flashing gas, which can cause erosion damage
  • Outgassing, which can cause a sudden increase in flow volume
  • Corrosive environments
  • Contaminated media
  • High vibration
Severe Service Machining & World Class Valve Component Machining

Di-Spark – The Sub-Con Severe Service Machining Company – Manufacturing World-Class Valve Components For Customers Across the Globe

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