Wire Erosion of Internal aperture profiling & machining

Wire erosion manufacturing is an essential, contemporary machining process for high-tech industries such as aerospace, oil & gas, satellite manufacture, formula 1 components and other, high technology industries. Considering the requirement within these industries for the advanced, precise machining of complex prismatic components with intricate internal detailing, wire erosion manufacturing is often the smart-choice machining process for these operations.

Wire Erosion machining of holes, slots, slits and galleries

Typical for the machining of oil & gas industry components where galleries, slotting & precisely machined slits are common features, wire erosion manufacturing is the perfect machining process. Often combined with spark erosion manufacturing – or die sink as the process is also known, for a complete electrical discharge machining solution.

Wire Erosion Manufacturing

Wire Erosion Manufacturing: Oil & Gas Industry Components

Wire Erosion machining of chemically treated materials

Chemically treated materials often become surface brittle, and wire erosion manufacturing – alongside spark erosion, are used as the machining processes of choice in order to avoid deformation of the material surface, and a compromise to component integrity.

Wire Erosion Machining of hardened materials

Similar to chemical treatments, hardened materials can be difficult to machine. To overcome this issue, 5 axis machining, turning or milling operations are deployed pre-hardening to achieve the component structure, with post-hardened machining and finishing are achieved using wire erosion manufacturing – prior to finishing and inspection.

cleancut wire edm machine

Cleancut Wire Erosion Manufacturing with the Agie Charmilles Cut 300, at Di-spark

Wire Erosion Machining of exotic, difficult-to-machine materials

Exotic materials such as titanium alloys can be challenging to machine from the outset, and so the wire erosion manufacturing process is employed for delicate operations in order to maintain material and component integrity.

Wire Erosion: To meet the needs of a lean manufacturing philosophy

Working within the ‘AS9100 revision C framework’ and maintaining membership of the SC21 supply chain initiative, Di-Spark Ltd work with clients and supply chains to achieve the leanest outcome, whilst retaining world-class machining quality. We achieve this by combining machining processes such as 5 axis machining, large machining, mill-turn machining, spark erosion and wire erosion manufacturing.

AS9100 Manufacturing

AS9100 Manufacturing with wire EDM

This achieves multi operation and multi process machining, with the goal of manufacturing world-class components manufactured to guidelines set by observing lean manufacturing principles.

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