Manufacturing world-class parts and components can prove a challenging business, but like Di-Spark Ltd, if you get all of your ducks lined up – almost anything is achievable. Diversity is the key to success and operating a world-class, multi-process machining facility housing precision EDM machining, 5 axis machining, large machining and automated CNC mill-turn machining, Di-Spark will ensure that your components are manufactured to the highest quality possibly.

Precision EDM Machining

Precision EDM Machining at Di-Spark Ltd

Precision EDM Machining: CNC Control

precision EDM machining, or electrical discharge machining is an innovative process which utilises a controlled spark as a cutting edge and can be considered a non-contact advanced machining method. Electrical discharge machining, available in 2 formats: wire erosion EDM and spark erosion EDM, operates within dielectric fluid to control conductivity of the spark, and is an exceptionally accurate machining process. Di-Spark operate the latest machining technologies, such as multi-operation spark erosion EDM machining centres with robotic tool change capability, and clean-cut wire erosion EDM machining, sporting the latest – clean & smooth power generation features.

Precision EDM Machining: Delicate & Intricate Component Manufacture

Precision EDM machining is useful for the machining of hard conductive materials, but also comes into it’s own for the machining of delicate and intricate parts, components and sub-assemblies. Small, 5 axis machined components can reach a point where the material is so thin, it is risky to continue machining detail into this region of the part. Precision EDM machining takes over, and is capable of machining holes, cavities, apertures and operating upon thin walled areas of a the component, thereby retaining material integrity and ensuring that the component is manufactured well within tolerances.

Producing world-class components is our passion – contact Di-Spark LTD to talk through your next outsourced machining requirement.