Precision EDM Machining at Di-Spark Ltd

High Technology industries are perpetually evolving, and precision EDM machining technologies offer benefits to customers which, in many situations are difficult to achieve alone by employing the use traditional machining methods such as CNC milling & turning. It is common place at Di-Spark Ltd to use a multi-process approach to achieve a world-class manufactured component within lean manufacturing frameworks – in other words manufacturing a high quality component, machined to fine tolerances and within a favourable budget. But there are also situations where sub-contract, precision manufacturing can be handled purely by precision EDM machining, and these situations often save the customer time and money.

precision EDM machining

Precision EDM Machining

Precision EDM Machining: Difficult-To-Machine Materials

Hardened materials such as heat treated and/or chemically treated aerospace steels and stainless steels can be difficult to machine using even the most advanced multi axis machining processes. Exotic materials such as Titanium alloys and contemporary exotic aerospace alloys & materials can be challenging to machine using traditional methods too, and this is where precision EDM machining really stands out from the crowd. Looking specifically at Wire EDM – capable of machining any conductive material – regardless of whether it has been pre-hardened or poses challenging material properties, is the perfect machining process to achieve clean cut components.

Cleancut Precision EDM Machining - Cut 300

Cleancut Precision EDM Machining with the Agie Charmilles Cut 300, at Di-spark

Precision EDM Machining: Wire EDM

Due it it’s non-contact nature, precision EDM machining using the Wire EDM machining process will machine a given work-piece without damaging the surface integrity of the component, avoiding distortion and ensuring that finely machined tolerances can be maintained. Working within lean manufacturing principles and operating QMS to AS9100 revision C, precision EDM machining is worth considering for the manufacture of components for aerospace, aero engine, aviation, airline components, satellite manufacture, energy & power generation, Formula 1 and professional motor-sport – among other sectors.

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