The UK Government have outlined plans to assist the North Sea Oil & Gas industry. Di-Spark have been a player in North Sea Oil & Gas machining for decades and welcome the new plans. The Chancellor is currently investigating the use of tax incentives to encourage longer production cycles within North Sea Oil & Gas fields. Currently, the inventive is in discussion with an expert panel and an initial discussion paper will be published outlining new measures.

North Sea Oil & Gas Machining: Electrical Discharge Machining

Electrical discharge machining is the perfect machining technology for North Sea oil & gas machining. Often, components are destined for operation within extremely harsh environments where quality and component integrity cannot be compromised in any fashion. The Deep Water Horizon disaster of April 2010 is testament to the fact that, if corners are cut, lives can be lost and expensive ramifications are left to be dealt with, in terms of ecological damage, financial cost and reputation damaged. Therefore, North Sea oil & gas machining must adhere to quality standards throughout the machining processes, from CAD stage through to production and to final quality and inspection tasks.

North Sea Oil & Gas Machining: Wire Cut EDM

Wire cut EDM is an invaluable tool within North Sea oil & gas machining. It’s non-contact machining nature, using an electrical charge through a wire as the cutting edge, makes it ideal for cutting holes, apertures and slits within hardened or difficult to machine materials. Any conductive material can be machined and the latest wire cut EDM machines are automated and operate around the clock, 7 days per week. Often, components such as high-spec washers, shims and splines can be cut to fine tolerances in bulk, making wire cut EDM ideal for high volume North Sea oil & gas machining.

Di-Spark Wire CUT EDM Page

north sea oil & gas machining: wire cut edm

North Sea Oil & Gas Machining: Wire Erosion is ideal for producing holes, slits and apertures within components manufactured from hardened materials.

North Sea Oil & Gas Machining: Die Sink EDM

Die sink EDM – also known as spark erosion or spark EDM, compliments wire cut EDM perfectly. Another invaluable tool for North Sea oil & gas machining, die sink EDM does what it says on the tin. A non-contact machining method, a spark is produced on a ‘die’ which is ‘sunk’ into the work piece whilst it is submerged in dielectric fluid. The ‘die spark’ erodes material from the surface, to the profile of the die – without any contact. Again, this method of machining is ideal for exotic and hardened materials, avoiding material distortion associated with milling and turning of some difficult-to-machine materials.

Sporting robotic arm tool change capability and 24/7 automation, die-sink EDM at Di-Spark Ltd is a 21st century manufacturing option.

Di-Spark Die-Sink EDM Page

north sea oil & gas machining: die sink edm

North Sea Oil & Gas Machining: Die Sink EDM is ideal for complex contours within hardened or difficult-to-machine materials.

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