Internal Profiling: Non-Contact Machining – Wire Erosion EDM

Non-contact machining is an essential machining process in the manufacture of precision components. Often used within industries such as aerospace, aerospace engine, aviation & airline manufacturing, satellite manufacture & energy sector machining, wire erosion is a non-contact, non destructive machining process which is perfect for the machining of complex prismatic components.

Hole Cutting: Non-Contact Machining – Wire Erosion EDM

EDM hole cutting is ideal for the formation of precise holes – as part of an AS9100 precision component manufacturing process and the production of world-class components. Avoiding material distortion on conductive metals, alloys and composites, wire erosion uses electrical discharges pulsed through a wire to erode material, accurately. The process is perfect for attaining and retaining material strength and integrity throughout the EDM machining process.

Wire Erosion EDM Splines

Wire Erosion EDM machining internal splines at Di-Spark Ltd


Wire Erosion EDM machining of shims at Di-Spark Ltd

Intricate Apertures & Galleries: Non-Contact Machining – Wire Erosion EDM

Wire erosion comes into it’s own when intricate internal profiling is required. Ideal for close tolerance machining of small and intricate holes, apertures, galleries and profiles, wire erosion electrical discharge machining is perfect for aerospace, satellite manufacture and energy market components where quality and component integrity cannot be compromised.

Hardened & Difficult-To-Machine Materials: Non-Contact Machining – Wire Erosion EDM

Due the non-contact nature of electrical discharge machining, wire erosion EDM is highly suitable for the machining of difficult-to-machine components. It may be the case that 5-axis machined components require post-5 axis machining hardening processes, such as heat and chemical treatments. Post hardening, wire erosion EDM is the machining process of choice for the task of machining the final operation of hole cutting, aperture machining and internal profiling – which may prove challenging with traditional machining methods.

Similarly, exotic materials such as Titanium alloys can prove challenging when machining small & intricate detail. Wire Erosion EDM fills the gap here to machine perfect, close tolerance details as a final operation, prior to finishing and inspection.

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