AS9100 Aerospace Machining – Wire Erosion EDM

AS9100 aerospace machining requires world-class quality control within economical boundaries – achieved via the implementation of lean-manufacturing principles. In terms of a world-class innovative machining process which dovetails perfectly with 5 axis milling – wire erosion EDM will deliver. Especially so when your components encompass complex geometry, awkward shapes, bevelled and tapered profiles and/or difficult to machine materials, such as hardened or exotic metals. The latest computer controlled wire EDM machines offer sophisticated programming via CNC (computer numerical control), allowing 24/7 operation and remote monitoring of extremely complex and accurate manufacturing processes.

AS9100 Aerospace Machining – 5 Axis Machining

AS9100 Aerospace machining technologies move fast, and the pace of development is directly linked to the pace of aerospace development itself. Di-Spark invest in the latest 5 axis innovations, such as the AgieCharmilles Mikron HPM 1350u – an automated milling and turning centre of awesome potential – capable of machining large work-pieces quickly and efficiently. Running 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, our 5 axis machining cell is a dedicated factory unit within our 40,000 sq ft facility.

Combining Electrical Discharge Machining & Automated 5 Axis Machining

Wire EDM possesses the ability to machine materials in a finished – post-hardened state, and it’s often the case that components may benefit from the application of several machining processes – such as the combination of wire erosion EDM and 5 axis machining. This exploits the advantages of both conventional and EDM machining to achieve a strong and durable high technology component, using exotic or hardened materials manufactured to a complex 3 dimensional profile. Combining processes such as this has afforded Di-Spark a reputation for business excellence via reduced setup & machining times, high quality standards, brisk lead times and competitive pricing – some of the main component requirements of AS9100 Aerospace Machining.

Wire Erosion EDM & 5 Axis Machining Capability

Using an array of wire erosion machines, our wire erosion cell houses machines such as the Charmilles Cut 300 Wire Eroder, Charmilles 330, Charmilles 240, Charmilles 510, Agie Challenge and the EDM Hole Drill Centre. Our 5 Axis Machining cell houses Mikron Vario 600 multi axis machines, Mikron HSM 400 U with fully automated robot handling, Mazak Itegrex J200 5 axis mill-turn, Mikron UCP 600, Mikron VCP 800 and Bridgeport VMC 500 machines.


Quality control is everything with aerospace and aviation machining. It is the bedrock of everything that we do and the guiding force for manufacturing high technology components. At Di-Spark Ltd, we constantly review and invest in this area. We use the itutoyo Euro M544 & Hexagon DEA Global Performance 70705 CMM (coordinate measuring machines), the Trimos VL600 Height Gauge and the Tesa Visio 300 Optical Measurement System. We also employ the use of microscopes and inspection systems such as the Mantis Elite Stereo Inspection Magnifier, Vision HD High Definition Video Inspection System and the SX45 Microscope.

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