Technology moves fast and maritime machining, maritime engineering & sailing technologies have evolved into highly technical environments. The geography of the United Kingdom dictates that, as a nation we are masters of the sea and this is demonstrated across many disciplines & sectors, such as maritime sports, sailing & racing, commercial sea freight, maritime defence, private ventures & world record breaking vessels. Di-Spark Ltd operate as a sub-contract maritime machining company to organisations and individuals spanning these sectors.

Maritime Machining

Maritime machining borrows from aerospace standards in order to manufacture the strongest, lightest and efficiently manufactured maritime components – often machined from exotic materials such as Inconel – capable of withstanding harsh corrosive and oxidising environments. Machining exotic, chemically treated and hardened materials precisely can be challenging, and to overcome these issues Di-Spark Ltd maintain the latest machining innovations and technologies, such as CNC 5 axis machining, CNC 5 axis large machining, electrical discharge machining & automated mill-turn machining.

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining at Di-Spark Ltd


Often combining machining processes such as 5 axis machining and wire erosion electrical discharge machining, maritime machining operations are monitored by our AS9100 (c) quality management system – maintained to aerospace standards – certification that Di-Spark have maintained for many years to satisfy and continually develop our aerospace manufacturing operations.


To compliment our high technology maritime machining hardware, Di-Spark have worked tirelessly on staffing roles and company structure, ensuring we have the best skills in place possible. We work with PETA and have at least 1 apprentice in place at any given time – usually several, we work at close quarters with universities to spot and nurture fresh academic talent and we’ve recently revitalised our management team in order to maximise productivity, work-flow and quality control – with customer satisfaction top of our agenda.

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