Di-Spark Ltd, operating world-class marine machining cells such as 5 axis machining, electrical discharge machining & rapid response machining have manufactured a specialist component for the largest sailing yacht in the world, the White Pearl, also known as ‘Sailing Yacht A’. The White Pearl is a 147 meter (482 ft) sailing yacht – the largest sailing yacht built to date and is due for launch during 2016. The White Pearl has been commissioned by Russian billionaire, Andrey Melnichenko.

Marine Machining: Yacht Engineering

Di-Spark manufactured a specialist mast component known as a ‘sheave’ for the mast mega-structure of the White Pearl (pictured below), capable of withstanding high loads and engineered to fine tolerances and with an exceptional level of quality control. The ‘sheave’ was machined and turned from Inconel, which is an oxidation and corrosion resistant material – suited for service in extreme environments, using highly accurate multi-operation CNC, multi axis machining centres. Recently, progress with the White Pearl saw the successful stepping of the third and final mast. It was a hectic and challenging schedule for all parties involved to get all three masts successfully stepped – an extraordinary achievement. This was a world first for rigs of this size to be stepped using this method of stepping.

Sub Contract Marine Machining

Acting as sub-contract machining partners to aerospace, satellite manufacture, oil & gas, defence and Formula 1 machining, Di-Spark Ltd offer high precision marine machining services at a world-class level. Operating day and night, 7 days per week, our AS9100 aerospace certification and SC21 Supply Chain management skills enable Di-Spark to offer world-class marine machining services for the manufacture of specialist and high-end engineered marine, sailing & yachting components.