Lean EDM Machining – Using Lean Manufacturing Principles

Lean EDM Machining Around The Clock

Di-Spark operate lean EDM machining running around the clock. The last 2 years have seen the company through substantial changes to our precision machining infrastructure and strategic map of the company, with the aim of providing a revised platform of constant improvement in order to keep ahead of rapid changes in market conditions. The company has evolved from a tool making company in the 1970s, to the current format of manufacturing complex precision parts for high end industries, using advanced manufacturing technologies such as wire EDM, Spark EDM, 5 axis machining, large & heavy machining and CNC multi-opp’ mill-turn machining.

Lean EDM Machining: Wire Erosion Machining at Di-Spark Ltd

Lean EDM Machining: Customer Satisfaction

Di-Spark operate around world-class customer satisfaction and lean manufacturing principles, whilst ensuring that quality is kept to the world-class machining standards that we’ve always observed. Of course as time goes on, these standards improve, and Di-Spark are proud to embrace and push the boundaries of these standards along with our partners, companies like +GF+ AgieCharmilles – suppliers of machining technologies like clean cut wire EDM – lean EDM machining.

AS9100 & SC21 Lean EDM Machining

Our customers are AS9100 aerospace related companies and corporations, SC21 defence, aerospace and space/satellite companies, Formula 1 teams, energy sector customers, medical and surgical instrument manufacturers and scientific customers – among others. We operate dedicated factory cells for lean EDM machining, multi axis machining and advanced mill-turn and incorporate a rapid response machining cell for those last minute – ‘almost past the deadline’ contracts that require out and out, precision machining professionalism and quality.

lean edm machining

Di-Spark Limited: Precision Lean EDM Machining