Di-Spark are a 24/7 supplier of Integrated machining. With a strong focus on Aerospace manufacturing, carrying AS9100D certification, Di-Spark consistently maintain 98% OTD and 99% Quality overall and offer zero DPPM aerospace component manufacture. Quality is everything to Di-Spark, and if there is an improvement or investment which becomes apparent and useful, we’ll implement it or invest in it. With Aerospace manufacturing it is critically important that quality is maintained throughout all processes.

We also manufacture components for other sectors which require high quality production, implementing aerospace quality standards and integrated, multi-process machining along the way. Industries such as oil & gas require a high level of quality and safety in order to avoid disasters which can cause loss of life and global catastrophe. The same philosophy covers industries such as nuclear power – and energy generation in general. Satellite components must be zero-defect because there are no engineers in space and Formula 1 components must withstand world-class competition.

integrated machining

So where do quality improvements come from when improving high quality, integrated machining?
All areas is the answer, but to give a few examples:

  • Software. Improvements and updates to software can both streamline efficiency and improve quality, so it is important to maintain current builds of software used within the machining processes, from CAD to CAM to Finishing. Also, implementing new sofware systems is key, such as Di-Spark’s investment into MRP software (Material Resource Planning) which is used to maintain our just-in-time machining service, which involves Di-Spark manufacturing and holding stock for customers, as part of LTA agreements.
  • Supply chain. Maintaining consistent supply chain is also important, ensuring all material is consistent, free of defect and traceable and that sub-con processes are consistent in quality.
  • Planning. Planning ensures that components are machined efficiently without wastage of machine time, and ensures that customer  jobs do not overlap and cause late delivery. With Di-Spark operating 24/7, we use advanced planning techniques to make sure that our facility operates 24/7 without any machine downtime. As we invest in new machinery, increased capacity is planned into our systems, with our QMS observing all processes to remove the possibility of human error.

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