High Volume Wire Erosion & Spark EDM Manufacturing

Consistent high-volume manufacturing is one of the keys to unlocking the holy mantra of achieving high quality product at low cost. Di-Spark Ltd, in Horndean, Hampshire, are a sub-contract precision machining company, offering high volume wire erosion & spark erosion electrical discharge machining, running around the clock – 7 days per week. The high volume wire erosion & spark erosion cells sport the latest clean-cut wire erosion machining centres and contemporary, fully automated spark erosion machining centres with robotic arm tool change and multi-operation capability.

High Volume, High Quality Component Manufacture

High volume wire erosion & spark EDM manufacturing are perfect for medical device manufacture, satellite components, oil & gas sector sub-assemblies, professional motorsport parts, Formula One component manufacture aerospace & airline components & other world-class components. Electrical discharge machining is a non-contact machining process, with a controlled spark providing the cutting edge or die – ideal for the machining of difficult-to-machine materials such as aerospace alloys, energy market steels & alloys, carbon steels, titanium alloys, inconel & tungsten alloys.

High Volume, Multi-Process Lean Manufacturing

Di-Spark review each work-piece at the CAD/CAM & production planning stages for opportunities to improve component strength, integrity and a leaner manufacturing plan. High volume wire erosion & spark EDM are often used at Di-Spark for the final machining operations of a component that we are manufacturing in high volume using 5 axis or CNC multi-axis milling/turning.

The scenarios are numerous, but it is fairly common practice to manufacture 90% of a component using 5 axis machining or multi-axis turning, implement any heat or chemical hardening treatments and finish the final, post-hardening machining operations using electrical discharge machining, either wire erosion, spark erosion or both. This avoids distortion to hardened or difficult-to-machine materials, damage to thin or delicate walls of the work-piece and also enables the final internal machining of small holes, apertures, angles, detents, threads and retainers.

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