AS9100 & ISO 9001 Precision Machining for The Energy Sector

Di-Spark operate energy sector machining services for industries such as oil & gas, nuclear power, wind turbine power, hydro power, solar power & other related industries. Safety and quality are essential requirements within these high-technology industries, and Di-Spark are well equipped to handle these challenges – using years of AS9100 aerospace manufacturing experience married with our SC21 Defence supply chain management skills & partners. We have invested heavily, not only into innovative machining technologies but also quality and inspection technologies such as large CMM and high definition video inspection facilities.

We run a multi process precision machining facility covering over 40,000 square feet, separated into dedicated machining cells, all linked into our QMS and Production management network. Each machining process is capable of multi-operation machining programmes – automated to run 24hrs per day.

24/7 Energy Sector Machining

Energy sector machining at Di-Spark runs around the clock, meaning that timely delivery and customer satisfaction is maintained at a high level, supporting industries that operate 24 hours per day. We run highly skilled engineers working as night staff and employ remote monitoring technology to keep downtime to a minimum and quality high.

AS9100 C QMS – Lean Energy Sector Machining

Quality management at Di-Spark is constantly reviewed in terms of new energy sector machining technologies, monitoring of market conditions, responding to customer demands and management of the supply chain. The result is a consistently high level of machining precision and lean manufacturing costs. Investments are made to tolerance and quality wherever new technology is available to make an improvement – if the technology is a leap forward then we’ll buy.

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Di-Spark Ltd use innovative machining processes, such as wire erosion & spark erosion, alongside advanced traditional machining processes such as CNC mill-turn and automated 5-axis machining