Di-Spark Ltd aspire to best practice in everything we do, and that includes energy sector EDM machining here at Di-Spark. We constantly look for areas to improve, invest in the latest innovations – such as our latest investments into clean-cut wire EDM technology and automated, multi-operation spark erosion EDM, and keep a tight ship implementing quality management via our QMS. This is why Di-Spark manufacture world-class components for mission-critical nuclear manufacturing projects, supply sub-contract machining services for energy sector EDM machining projects & and assist the oil & gas energy sector with the latest in energy sector EDM machining innovations.

Similar to aerospace manufacturing, energy sector EDM machining requires high levels of responsibility, accountability and traceability. Using our AS9100C certification guidelines and experience gained from our SC21 supply chain improvement initiative membership, we cut red tape, minimise manufacturing costs whilst keeping quality and on-time-delivery to ultra high levels, keeping customer satisfaction top of the agenda. Operating around-the-clock, with night staff and remote monitoring capability, Di-Spark never stop manufacturing world-class components.

Spark Erosion Electrical Discharge Machining

Operating the latest, automated Spark Erosion EDM machining centres, Di-Spark offer fully automated, multi-operation spark erosion machining with robotic arm tool change capability.

Wire Erosion Electrical Discharge Machining

Investing in the latest clean-cut wire EDM machining centres ensures that our wired components are clean-cut and have a fine surface finish

5 Axis & Multi Axis Machining

Di-Spark’s 5 axis machining cell offers automated, multi-operation, multi-axis machining operating 24 horus per day.

Automated Mill-Turn Machining

High quality automated milling and turning, machined to fine tolerances and certified to AS9100 revision C.

Heavy & Large Machining

Large and heavy components are handled within our Large Machining cell

Rapid Response Machining

Our Fast and Rapid response machining cell caters for last-minute orders and projects requiring a super-quick turn-around.