Electro discharge machining at Di-Spark received a host of impressive updates and upgrades during 2015 – all aimed towards cutting costs, attaining a higher level of customer satisfaction and super-high-quality product manufacture. Running wire-electro discharge machining since the 1970’s whilst operating as a tool-making company, Di-Spark Ltd have perpetually kept abreast of new developments throughout the decades. Now operating as a precision subcontractor offering a range of advanced machining services including wire cut and spark electro discharge machining, Di-Spark are a world-class engineering outfit producing some of the world’s finest parts, components and sub-assemblies.

electro discharge machining

Electro Discharge Machining Improvements

The best improvements a sub-contact machining company can make are obvious: Improved quality output, quicker and timely delivery and at a cheaper price. Di-Spark have achieved all of these improvements to all machining cells – including electro discharge machining by implementing a capacity utilisation and optimisation program spanning 2015. How did we achieve this? We listened to our customers, we referenced our AS9100 revision C certification guidelines constantly, we improved our QMS at each stage and we optimised supply chains via our knowledge gained from SC21 membership – the supply chain improvement program specific to aerospace, defence and space industries.

EDM Capacity Utilisation and Optimisation

Improvements were made to machining technologies, investing in the latest electro discharge machining technologies such as clean-cut wire EDM machines and automated spark EDM machines sporting robotic tool change and CNC multi-operation capability. We invested into new CMM technologies including large CMM capability and high-tech inspection facilities. We implemented ground-up staffing improvements to board level and brought in fresh talent via apprenticeships and close links with universities, and we optimised machining cells to achieve faster output and improved quality. In a nutshell, we didn’t leave a stone unturned.

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