Electrical discharge manufacturing at Di-Spark has reached new levels of excellence during 2015

Having grown our precision machining business from an electrical discharge manufacturing base from the early days, and adopting advanced traditional machining processes mid-term such as multi-axis milling and CNC mill-turn as market conditions shifted, we identified the requirement to optimise our operations during 2015. Di-Spark, now operating across 40,000 square feet and in response to positive customer feedback, began a capacity utilisation & optimisation phase, with the goals of relieving any bottlenecks & ensuring that we are capable of operating lean manufacturing principles to the full potential that world-class manufacturing requires.

Electrical Discharge Manufacturing & Lean Manufacturing Principles

It became apparent that our electrical discharge manufacturing operations would benefit from re-siting, and we now operate wire erosion electrical discharge manufacturing and spark erosion electrical discharge manufacturing side by side within the same factory cell – our electrical discharge manufacturing cell. This assists our work-flow towards timely delivery for EDM customers – particularly those within sectors such as Oil & Gas, Aerospace & Aero Engine, Nuclear, Renewable Energy & Power Generation, Satellite Manufacture & Formula 1. These customers often require both wire and spark EDM operations worked on the same work-piece/component.

The latest Electrical Discharge Machining Technology

In addition to the optimisation of electrical discharge manufacturing operations and fully utilising our total capacity, we have invested in the latest CNC multi-operation spark erosion machines, and the latest clean-cut wire erosion machining centres. Running the latest responsive digital, clean cut generators and ultra reliable automatic wire thread & rethread – with precise Millennium control, our AgieCharmilles Cut 300 wire erosion electrical discharge manufacturing operations are the best that money can buy.

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