EDM Machining: Formula 1 and Professional Motorsport

EDM Machining for professional motorsport

EDM Machining is often used for the machining or final operations of Formula 1 component manufacture – and indeed the manufacture of components for other professional motorsport championships such as LeMans racing, Endurance racing, touring car championships and world rally cars

EDM Machining for Aerospace, Aviation & Airline Component Manufacture

EDM Machining for aerospace

EDM Machining is an ideal machining process for the machining of airline, aviation or aerospace components, where the material integrity of hardened or exotic materials such as Titanium must be retained throughout the machining process, without distortion to the part

EDM Machining for AS9100 Manufacturing

aviation edm machining wire edm

EDM Machining for AS9100 Manufacturing carries great responsibility in terms of removing all human error potential from the manufacturing process, and ensuring that quality control and QMS systems are nothing short of world-class. Certified to the latest revision C, Di-Spark Ltd are AS9100 certified for the machining of aerospace parts and components.

Machining Around the Clock


Operating around the clock – 24 hrs per day, 365 days per year. Di-Spark – AS9100 & ISO 9001 certified, an Investors in People company and signatories to the SC21 supply chain initiative are a world-class precision machining & engineering company. We supply precision machining services to aerospace, Formula 1, Medical & Surgical, Energy Markets, Satellite Manufacture, Space Vehicle Manufacture & Scientific Projects.