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Oil & Gas Manufacturing at Di-Spark: Although active across a number of high technology market sectors, oil & gas manufacturing is one area that we have operated within for many years. Oil & gas manufacturing is worthy of note, particularly for it’s use of exotic and difficult to machine materials and indeed, the complex geometry which is often required. For instance, for a down pipe inspection product, Di-Spark manufacture two parts that form part of a larger assembly: Fingers, which are made from beryllium copper and closing sleeves made from 17-4PH stainless steel.

oil & gas manufacturing

Oil & Gas Manufacturing: Complex & Precise Automated Machining

Both parts involve both conventional machining and electro-discharge machining (EDM) within their manufacture: the fingers are entirely wire eroded whilst the sleeves are turned using our automated mill-turn cell, and then have a series of wire eroded slots positioned around the outer diameter. With the Fingers the process also involves a subcontract operation that imparts a hardened carbide tip onto the part.

“It’s a very innovative product,” Mr Light reveals. “Basically the whole tool is dropped down a pipe section and the Fingers are then actuated inside the closing sleeve causing them to protrude from the wire eroded slots. The tool is then pulled back up the pipe with the Fingers in contact with the pipe surface to measure the levels of corrosion that may be present. This information is then transmitted to the surface where a readout can be obtained.”

oil & gas manufacturing

Oil & Gas Manufacturing: Machining hardened steels, exotic alloys and complex geometric components

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