In-line with recent capacity expansion strategies, Di-Spark Ltd are currently extending night-shift & 24/7 aerospace machining operations via the employment of 2 additional night-shift machining operators & supervisors. The new roles are currently being fulfilled alongside a comprehensive training program for our new members of staff, whom we welcome to the company.

Over the last 18 months Di-Spark have invested heavily into additional capacity, AS9100D certification and quality/inspection facilities, expanding our 24/7 aerospace machining capacity. To complement these improvements Di-Spark have added additional car parking space to facilitate customer/supplier visits and have implemented additional, secure, on-site store room facilities to hold stock for our VMI – just-in-time machining and LTA aerospace customers.

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Although the name ‘Di-Spark’ pigeon-holes the company as a Spark EDM specialist, Di-Spark in 2018 offer far more than this. We operate extensive, AS9100D, automated 5 axis machining and automated turning  – running 24/7. We offer medium to large 5 axis machining to AS9100D, running 24/7. We operate an impressive EDM machining department with automated spark EDM and wire EDM machining, again, certified to AS9100D and operating around-the-clock.

Our capacities currently run at 60% 5 axis milling & automated turning, and 40% spark and wire electrical discharge machining (EDM).

The extension of our night-shift program will enable the company to make full use of our 24/7 aerospace machining capacities, following recent investments into additional machining hardware.

With on-time delivery (OTD) at 98% and 99% overall quality, Di-Spark are a world-class 24/7 aerospace machining sub-contractor, manufacturing some of the finest components used within the aerospace industry.

24/7 aerospace machining company

Di-Spark Ltd manufacture complex aerospace components, multi-prismatic parts & mechanical sub-assemblies destined for highly regulated industries. Operating 24/7, offering 5 axis machining, aerospace turning, medium to large machining, wire EDM and spark EDM, Di-Spark are a world-class aerospace machining company. Certified to AS9100D and ideally located in Hampshire/UK. in close proximity to main road networks, London airports and south-coast container ports, Di-Spark are a smart choice for sub-contract 24/7 aerospace machining requirements.

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