During 2015/16, Di-Spark Ltd placed heavy investment into new, automated machining innovations and concurrently consulted with customers and supply chains to achieve a capacity utilisation & optimisation programme – an 18 month strive to make full use of our 40,000 sq-ft facility in Hampshire, UK. During this period an organisational restructuring was also embarked upon.

The ultimate goals of these investment, optimisation & restructuring exercises was to guarantee ultra-high quality product , carrying zero defects, a high level of customer satisfaction and within cost-effective, lean manufacturing parameters.

Having given our sub-contract machining facility a full make over in-line with lean manufacturing principles and AS9100(C) certification, Di-Spark begun a new phase of business development; implementation of a new MRP system. Internally, we interrogated a finalised short list of MRP systems and it soon became apparent that FactoryMaster was the MRP of choice, providing Di-Spark Ltd with increased opportunities for automation, quality control, customer satisfaction and efficient production control.

Perfect for a growing manufacturing business such as Di-Spark Ltd, FactoryMaster provides tools to assist customer satisfaction – with real-time production progress reporting, enhanced efficiency – via the elimination of manual processes, and the reduction of material wastage costs – by implementing optimised management and automation, among other benefits.

For Di-Spark, FactoryMaster is a smart-choice investment, supporting industries such as: Aerospace – with typically complex supply chains and global operations, Oil, Gas and Energy – industries which rely on efficient, high quality production to ensure viability and profitability, Automotive and Professional Motorsport – assisting the rapid-response nature of endeavours such as Formula 1, Formula-E and World-Rally (WRC), and Precision Engineering – where complex prismatic geometry and 21st century materials marry with innovation & design.

Di-Spark will release further press releases, video and blog articles as implementation of FactoryMaster matures.