Di-Spark Ltd Manufacture World-Class Components.

The parts, components and mechanical sub-assemblies that we make are often manufactured to reside in mission critical situations. Aerospace carries the responsibility of passenger safety, oil & gas pipelines withstand and manage enormous pressures and hostile environments, and satellite components must be zero defect – there aren’t many engineers on call in space.

Therefore, quality and inspection is everything when working with the world’s finest engineering accomplishments. This is why Di-Spark constantly looks for new and innovative ways to ensure ultra high quality, whilst guaranteeing on-time delivery and ongoing competitiveness. We believe that if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards, so if an investment gives us an edge, then we’ll buy.

Our latest investment is within the Quality and Inspection cell, which has recently expanded into further factory space within the centre of Di-Spark’s operations.

Di-Spark are currently integrating the new system and committing to training for the Keyence IM 7000, so keep an eye out for further posts once we have fully integrated the system. In the meantime, take a look at our short demo video.

Keyence IM-7000 Series – Image Dimension Measurement System

as9100c machinng

Di-Spark invest further into quality and inspection, with the Keyence IM 7000 Series Image Dimension Measurement System.