Di-Spark Ltd are pleased to announce that we have completed our recertification assessment by
BSI and have been recommended for transition to AS9100 Revision D. The audit was successfully
completed over a period of three days without the need for any Observations or Non-
Conformances (Major or Minor) to be raised. This achievement was acknowledged as being an
exceptional result. Our new AS9100 Revision D certificate will be available on our company
website www.di-spark.co.uk once it has been received.

Di-Spark are a sub-contact, integrated machining company – working around-the-clock from a
24,000 sq ft facility in Hampshire, UK. We manufacture world-class components using integrated,
multi-process machining technologies such as 5 axis milling, multi-axis turning, spark and wire
electrical discharge machining

21st Century machining methods utilise 21st century materials, and Di-Spark – operating integrated
machining processes, are able to manufacture components from the most ‘difficult-to-machine’
materials – and materials which may have been pre-hardened or require heat or chemical
treatments part-way through the machining process.

Working within regulated and industrial markets, Di-Spark supply customers within aerospace,
satellite, energy generation, industrial valves, severe services valves, oil & gas, medical devices
and scientific markets – manufacturing zero-defect, complex geometric components to customer