Di-Spark Ltd are a UK Precision machining company offering multi-process machining services including sub-con wire cut EDM machining – centrally located, operating over 40,000 sq ft and open 24/7.

high volume wire cut erosion & spark erosion

Part of the High Volume Wire Cut EDM & Spark Erosion Machining Cells, at Di-Spark Ltd

Wire cut (also known as wire CNC or wire erosion) is a form of electrical discharge machining appropriate for high technology manufacturing requirements. The benefits of wire EDM are numerous, but as a high precision machining process it commands high regard for producing impressive degrees of accuracy, retaining a high integrity of strength without deformation of the component – even with exotic or hardened materials, and is capable of producing complex-component geometry.

Wire Cut for Aerospace, Defence & Aviation

The most important aspect of aerospace manufacturing is quality, and CNC Wire Cut EDM is a valuable tool in the quest for ever-improving levels of quality. The technology itself is being constantly improved towards ever-more fine degrees of accuracy and detail whilst retaining high levels of strength and reliable repeatability, and this lends itself to the aerospace and aviation industry where customer confidence and supplier accountability are central to the safety of passengers and commerce. Our recent investment in +GF+ AgieCharmilles Cut 300 wire cutting centres is testament to our strive to stay ahead of the EDM machining game.

Wire Cut EDM for Satellite, Space and Scientific

Producing components for space and scientific purposes often carries a very special responsibility – there is very rarely an opportunity for service or repair once the device has been deployed. The accuracy of Wire EDM, along with it’s ability to handle exotic materials such as Titanium, hardened metals and alloys, aluminium, magnesium, copper, brass, carbide, gold, silver, platinum, graphite and any other conductive and/or exotic material, makes Wire Erosion EDM a smart choice for the Satellite, Space and Scientific communities.

Wire Cut EDM for Oil, Gas and Energy Market Machining

Our global quest for energy sustainability provides an incessant flow of new challenges for manufacturing. As we drill deeper and longer for Oil & Gas, develop improved efficiency green alternatives such as wind and hydro based markets, research further into nuclear power, harness solar power to greater degrees and investigate new avenues of power generation, our manufacturing processes develop to keep ahead of the progress. Here at The Di-Spark Group, we constantly innovate and invest in the latest machining technologies to stay ahead as a supplier of world-class, wire-erosion electrical discharge machining.


The Di-Spark Group have a long-standing relationship with medical machining, producing components for medical devices, surgical instruments, implants, orthopaedic devices and machined components for cardiovascular and endovascular instruments. Wire CNC EDM is capable of producing complex internal shapes with difficult-to-machine materials required for the manufacture of medical and surgical instruments.

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