CNC 5 axis machining & milling

CNC 5 Axis Machining

24/7 Automated Precision CNC 5 axis Machining With The Mikron UCP Vario 600

The MIKRON UCP 600 Vario by GF AgieCharmilles is a precision CNC 5 axis machining centre, manufactured for precision automated production situations such as AS9100 aerospace manufacturing. In addition to the small foot-print CNC 5 axis machining centre, the Vario system boasts a selection of high-performance milling spindles, scalable and modular robotic tool-change magazine system, the tried and tested MIKRON pallet magazine as well as a highly efficient cleaning and disposal solution for each chip & coolant operation.

Di-Spark operate Mikron Vario CNC 5 axis machining centres within a 40,000 ft, multi-cell, world-class precision machining facility, running state-of-the-art QMS and Inspection. 

CNC 5 axis Machining With The Mikron UCP Vario 600: Applications & examples

Aerospace Machining

Part: Light Alloy Support, such as subframe supports

  • Machined Material: Aerospace Aluminium
  • 4-side machining in one clamping
  • High spindle speed
  • High cutting volumes

Automotive Machining

Forging Die for Drive Train

  • Machined Material: Manganese steel
  • CNC 5 axis machining
  • Difficult-to-cut material
  • Micro- and needle chips
  • Contouring accuracy
  • High spindle speed

Medical Machining

Endoscope Device 

  • Machined Material: Molded blank with high content of chrome/nickel
  • CNC 5 axis machining
  • Multi fixture systems
  • High position and moulding tolerances
  • High positioning accuracy
  • Difficult to cut and high-strength material

Ventilation Machining

Ventilator Housing

  • Machined Material: Aluminum
  • CNC 5 axis machining (positioning)
  • High material removal rate
  • High positioning accuracy
  • Flexible production

Motorsport Machining

Cylinder Heads

  • Machined Material: Typically Aluminium alloy
  • Complete machining in one clamping
  • Combined CNC 5-axis machining/positioning/simultaneous machining
  • High positional tolerance

Paper & Press Machining

Press Cutting Roller

  • Machined Material: Hardened steel
  • High precision
  • High spindle speed
  • Workpiece automation

Medical Machining

Bone Rasp

  • Machined Material: Special alloy/exotic alloy
  • High performance milling of high-alloyed materials
  • Workpiece automation
  • Multi-operation performance

Aviation Machining

Blower Housing

  • Machined Material: Aircraft Aluminium
  • High performance CNC 5 axis Machining
  • Simultaneous machining
  • Workpiece automation
  • multi-op performance

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