Di-Spark manufacture high volume, world-class components, operating across many sectors. Automotive manufacturing, alongside professional motorsport machining, is an area where Di-Spark have featured successfully for many years and continue to expand into this sector to this day. But world-class doesn’t have to equate to high cost. Here’s why.

Automotive Manufacturing: Multi-Process Savings

Di-Spark utilise multi-process machining as part of our commitment to operate within lean-manufacturing principles. What does this mean for automotive manufacturing? It is an operating methodology which takes a drawing & step file and ensures that the part is manufactured through the leanest route, whilst ensuring that material integrity and component strength is at it’s optimum. So, multi-process lean manufacturing kills 2 birds with one stone – high quality at reduced cost.

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2017 Capacity Investments: Quality & Inspection

Rapid Response Machining

Wire EDM Machining

Spark EDM – Automated EDM

 Automotive Manufacturing: How to Achieve High Quality Product at Reduced Cost

Consulting with the customer at the outset is key, and if necessary, small changes advised to the component model in order to further increase strength of the part without affecting geometry, or indeed, to remove or mitigate areas of weakness. This is particularly important for thin-walled component manufacture. Our CAD team work closely and efficiently with customers during this phase.

Di-Spark’s Production planning department plan a route through our machining cells, utilising machining processes such as 5 axis machining, wire electrical discharge machining, spark electrical discharge machining, large 5 axis machining and CNC milling and turning.

Typically, when lean-manufacturing methodology is applied, a component which may initially seem suited towards 5 axis machining may in reality benefit from 75% 5 axis machining and 25% wire EDM machining or spark erosion machining. The result is reduced machining time and improved integrity of component – very much a win win.

Running an MRP System (Materials Resource Planning) is 21st century manufacturing requirement in order to remain competitive. To summarise, a correctly implemented MRP system – as part of an automated machining service removes unnecessary waste, reduces inventory costs, mitigates the effects of bottlenecks, assists quality control by removing the possibility of human error and ensures high quality product delivered on-time.

When operating at the level that Di-Spark operate at, manufacturing world-class components, the quality management system (QMS) is central to all activities. Di-Spark’s QMS is certified to AS9100c for: Precision engineers specialising in machining complex prismatic components and mechanical sub-assemblies to customer specifications, using advanced machining technologies such as multi-axis milling, multi-axis turning and electrical discharge machining (EDM).

Automotive Manufacturing: What Components do Di-Spark Manufacture?

Complex Geometric Machining: Automotive Manufacturing

Di-Spark manufacture all manner of components. We utilise 5 axis machining as part of a multi-process manufacturing facility to produce complex geometric components, such as formula 1 suspension parts, satellite structures, energy market components & components for the defence industry.

wire cut edm

The Machining of Hard & Hardened Materials: Automotive Manufacturing

We utilise spark erosion & wire erosion EDM to machine difficult-to-machine materials, such as pre-hardened steels & alloys, tungsten based alloys and other exotic materials. Wire erosion is often utilised as a final machining process when a part has been heat or chemically hardened after being 5 axis machined.

sub-con sedm machining company

Di-Spark – The Sub-Con SEDM Machining Company

Production of High Volume, High Quality 2 Dimensional Parts: Automotive Manufacturing

Di-Spark utilise wire electrical discharge machining to manufacture simple or complex 2 dimensional parts. These are numerous, but typically we manufacture high volume washers, shims, internal splines, external splines, gears & spacers. These can be machined to very thin walled section if required – due to the non-contact nature of electrical discharge machining. Work-pieces can be stacked and machined efficiently and accurately to an extremely cost effective outcome.

Automated Automotive Manufacturing

Wire eroded washers can be simple or complex in design – often sporting internal and external profiling, machined to fine tolerances