As a signatories to the SC21 supply chain initiative and maintaining an AS9100 revision C QMS, Di-Spark offer world-class machining to the defence, aerospace and space (satellite) industries. Having restructured for further efficiencies during 2015 and investing further into capacities during the early part of 2016, we are well placed to satisfy new contracts producing high quality product within short time scales.

Wire Erosion Machining

With expansion to our clean-cut wire erosion machining capability during the last 2 years and positioning of our wire erosion cell to close proximity of our spark erosion machining cell, our electrical discharge machining capability runs seamlessly around the clock, to highly efficient levels. We’ll manufacture world-class, AS91000 batch runs of any medium to high quantity product using electrical discharge machining – CHEAPER than any equivalent quality alternative.

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Just in Time and Rapid Response Machining

‘Just in time’ machining and ‘rapid response’ machining operations were vastly improved during 2015, available to the last-minute requirements of industries such as Formula 1, Aviation, the Defence sector and energy markets. This service offers, what might seem an impossible turn-around of product, machined to AS9100 revision C certification for the manufacture of aerospace parts, components and sub-assemblies.

With vast improvement to our facility, both in terms of new machining and inspection innovations and making best use of our 40,000 sq ft facility, we now offer quotes to companies such as Oil & Gas industry suppliers that have an urgent requirement to cut manufacturing costs – something we’ve applied across the board to our existing customer base.

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