Airline Machining Company

Di-Spark Limited: The Airline Machining Company

If your company are seeking a world-class, sub-contract airline machining company , look no further than Di-Spark Limited. But as an airline machining company, what do Di-Spark offer?

Rapid Response Airline Machining Company

Purpose built rapid response machining cell – also applicable to just-in-time machining requirements, with ultra quick turn-around, close attention to STEP file and 3d CAD model to ensure rapid & prioritised transition through production control, into automated machining processes running 24/7, quality control and inspection, before timely delivery. This service is applicable to last-minute machining requirements such as formula 1 machining, aerospace machining, airline machining and satellite manufacture.

AS9100 5 axis Airline Machining Company

Dedicated 5 axis machining cell sporting automated AgieCharmilles 5 axis machining centres, running around the clock, 7 days per week, with remote monitoring, robot handling & automated tool change & multi operational machining capability. Highly versatile machining cell capable of machining aerospace steels, Titanium alloys, aluminium alloys, exotic alloys, polymers and composites.

Automated Milling & Turning Airline Machining Company

Traditional milling and turning with a contemporary edge – fully automated milling and turning centres, with robot handling, automated tool change and multi operation capability. Suitable for quick turn around aerospace, formula 1, energy markets including oil & gas, satellite manufacture, medical device machining & other, precision machining requirements.

Large & Heavy Airline Machining Company

Large work-pieces can be handled by our HPM1350U cell – 5 axis machining at a large scale, capable of machining large & heavy work-pieces from steels through to titanium alloys, polymers and composites. Fully automated with multiple operations per set-up.

Electrical Discharge Airline Machining Company

Working with electrical discharge machining since the 1970s, there is no other firm with more experience with electrical discharge machining than Di-Spark. Sporting 2 dedicated cells, running wire erosion edm machining and spark erosion edm machining, these machining processes are useful for machining intricate detail into post-5 axis machining hardened components and components which require delicate internal profiling.

AS9100 CAD/CAM, QMS & Inspection

Managed by our AS9100C quality management system, machined components are subject to stringent quality control & inspection via the latest inspection technology and timely delivery for the customer.

Di-Spark Video: The Airline Machining Company

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