AS9100 EDM – Aerospace Spark & Wire Electrical Discharge Machining

AS9100 EDM - wire eroded washers with internal and external profiling

Wire eroded washers can be simple or complex in design – often sporting internal and external profiling, machined to fine tolerances to meet aerospace standards

Di-Spark supply AS9100 EDM machining. We manufacture high volume, high quality parts, components and mechanical sub-assemblies for the aerospace industry – and other sectors requiring zero-defect manufacture. Certified to AS9100 revision C, Di-Spark have operated electrical discharge machining cells since the 1980s, after starting life as a tool-making company. Latterly evolving into an engineering company manufacturing high quality components, Di-Spark specialise in volume production of high quality, zero-defect complex and multi-prismatic components.

Manufacturing parts, components and mechanical sub-assemblies for aerospace, satellite, oil & gas, medical, scientific & other high tech sectors, Di-Spark utilise AS9100 EDM machining for a range of purposes:

  • Manufacturing complete components from extremely hard materials, such as Tungsten Carbide. Typically, multi axis milling and turning struggle with such hard materials, and AS9100 EDM machining is a the perfect machining process to fill the gap, ensuring high accuracy with zero-defect.
  • Final Op machining of components – post 5 axis machining, after a part has been subject to hardening treatments. Taking a multi-process machining methodology, AS9100 EDM machining can offer significant savings.
  • Machining of components with internal angular holes, apertures and profiling. EDM is ideal for machining components with complex internal profiling.
  • High volume manufacture of high quality 2 dimensional components. Wire EDM is a smart choice for the manufacture of high volume, high quality washers, shims, spacers, internally splined components, externally splined components and gears.
  • AS9100 EDM is a non-contact machining technology, using an electrical charge as the cutting edge. This means that any conductive material can be machined.
AS9100 EDM - wire eroded washers

Wire eroded washers often sport internal profiling and unique shaping for specific applications

AS9100 EDM Machining – Around the Clock

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AS9100 EDM & Oil & Gas

AS9100 EDM Machining – Destined for the Oil & Gas Sector

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