Around-The-Clock AS9100 EDM Machining

As part of our multi-process precision machining facility, and having operated an around-the-clock AS9100 EDM machining cell for many years – Di-Spark have undergone an improvement process to ensure that our AS9100 EDM machining services are state-of-the-art and capable of satisfying current, future and unforeseen market conditions. Evolving from an EDM toolmaking company during the 70s, using wire erosion to produce press tools for the printed circuit board industry, Di-Spark evolved into a specialist EDM sub-contractor, manufacturing high-technology components and sub-assemblies.

AS9100 EDM Manufacturing

AS9100 EDM Manufacturing at Di-Spark Ltd

World-Class Machining for World-Class Customers

In 2016 Di-Spark manufacture world-class components for an impressive array of sectors, including Formula 1, Satellite manufacturing companies, defence hardware manufacturers, energy sectors such as oil & gas, medical & surgical instrument manufacturers and aerospace companies. Now sporting machining cells offering automated 5 axis machining, large 5-axis machining, multi-task mill-turn, wire erosion EDM and spark erosion EDM, Di-Spark supply world-class precision machining services to the global stage.

Certifications & Memberships

We are AS9100 revision-C and ISO 9001 certified, we are signatories to the SC21 supply chain improvement framework & we are an Investors in People company, taking on academics and apprenticeships throughout our organisation in order to nurture and benefit from fresh talent.

High Quality Lean Manufacturing

Our recent improvements have been centred around giving the customers a ‘bigger bang for their buck’, ensuring that AS9100 EDM machining operations not only produce exceptional, world-class components, but doing this in an extremely efficient and therefore cost-affective way. We observe lean-manufacturing principles throughout the AS9100 EDM machining processes, we maintain strong communication channels with the customer, we use experienced gained from our SC21 Supply Chain Improvement Program membership to hone and streamline supply chain channels and we observe AS9100 revision C QMS to remove human error and material/component imperfections.

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