Aerospace Component Manufacture with Mill-Turn Machining

Using the latest milling & turning (mill-turn machining) centres, Di-Spark supply the aerospace industry with sub-contract, precision aerospace component manufacture via small-footprint mill-turn machining centres. We make full use of innovative technologies such as the features residing within our Mazak J200 Integrex 5-axis mill-turn machines. Fully automated – 24 hour operation with robot tool change – multi-operation setup and full CNC control. Quality is ensured via integration into our state-of-the-art quality management system (QMS) and hi-tech inspection facilities. Certified to AS9100 revision C – mill-turn machining at Di-Spark is a world-class aerospace manufacturing option suitable for mission-critical aerospace component manufacture.

CNC Mill Turn

CNC Mill Turn aerospace component manufacture

Aerospace Component Manufacture with 5 Axis Machining

Sometimes aerospace component manufacture requires an extra level of innovation, and in the case of extremely complex, prismatic geometry, 5 axis machining is the process of choice. Capable of machining even the most complicated geometric composition, 5 axis machining at Di-Spark is a multi-operation setup, using automatic tool changes and running 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Components are manufactured from solid, via a single process and multi-op functionality.

slow motion 5 axis machining & milling

Aerospace Component Manufacture with Large 5 Axis Machining

Going a step further with aerospace component manufacture, large machining fills the gap where 5 axis machining centres can’t quite cut it. Capable of machining larger work-pieces and heavy machining requirements, our AgieCharmilles HPM1350u large machining centres run around the clock with 24hr staff and remote monitoring – ensuring high quality production at all times.

precision heavy machinng

Precision Heavy & Large Machining at Di-Spark

Rapid Response Aerospace Component Manufacture

Using the tools above, aerospace component manufacture sometimes requires an immediate, rapid response in order to satisfy unforeseen circumstances or last-minute engineering challenges. Our rapid response machining cell is setup specifically to satisfy these demands.

quick response machining shot

Rapid Response Machining at Di-Spark Ltd